Annabelle Pync Dunking Hair Washer

Annabelle Pync is naked in the bathtub. She plays with her gorgeous silky natural shoulder length layered blond hair then leans forward, slowly dunking her hair and face down into the water several times making sure to thoroughly saturate her strands with water. Annabelle pours a heaping handful of shampoo into her hands and massages it all throughout her soaking wet hair, working it into a thick white bubbly lather almost immediately. Once she feels her hair is soapy enough, she leans forward, slowly dunking her hair down into the water and coming back up, little bits at a time, watching as the shampoo bubbles roll off her hair as she adds more and more water. She grabs a comb and works it through her hair then continues rinsing, going up and down several more times. Annabelle repeats, shampooing her hair one more time, massaging the shampoo throughout her hair as thick clouds of suds appear all over her hair and running down her body. She rinses a few more times but knows she’ll never get it all out in the suds filled tub! This is one of the sexiest hair washes ever!

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